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  • About Payment
    Payments can be made via Wise or Paypal. I take full payment upfront. By opting for Wise, the customer gets lower service fees for transfers than Paypal, thus having some savings in the final amount paid.
  • Policy Use & What I won't draw
    Personal Use: (can be applied for illustration) Uses such as: Printing for your own; Gift for a friend; Creating your own characters; Your own custom dakimakura. Partial copyright: (can be applied for illustration) Uses such as: Youtube and Twitch channel; Promotional art for vtubers, VNs and LNs. 2x table price Full copyright: (can be applied for illustration and Vtuber model/rig) Uses such as: Printing for scale production: keychains, t-shirts, mugs; RPG, Visual Novels and tabletop games; Digital resale. 3x table price Vtuber - model/rig commission prices already include commercial use rights. I won't draw: Suicide triggering content; Racism and offensive themes; Being subject to analysis from multiple parties/ more than one client (except for company inquiries)

Starting prices (USD dollar) for each type of artwork, without background
background as patterns, photo bg,​ geometric forms or flat colors are free


(no shading)

(cell shading or rendered)


● the work start after full amount payment; ● i'll send an update after finished each step for your approval; ● unplanned adjustments, additions or edits after the rough step, let it not be my mistake, will be charged an extra (i'll let you know first if it costs); ● if you notice a mistake made by me in your work or need a small adjustment, let me know and i'll adjust it free of charge; ● for personal commissions, agree that you allow me to stream it on Twitch and other platforms; ● all commissions may be disclousured on internet as portifolio; ● non-disclousure agreements must be requested to set terms; ● you will be subject to a queue. Might be able to fit you depending on the urgency, but If you need to skip the queue there is a tax that you can pay; ● please turn on email notifications; ● I will not hold communication on Discord, unless it's for L2D rigging or a long-term project; ● if there are still unanswered question here, please contact me.

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Commissions also available via

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